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7 Montreal Restaurants That Sadly Closed Their Doors In 2021

Gone, but never forgotten. 💛 😢

7 Montreal Restaurants That Sadly Closed Their Doors In 2021

The list of unique Montreal restaurants that exist is beyond extensive and we foodies are always out looking for a new spot to try. Sadly though, like everything in life, some good things must come to an end.

By that, I mean sometimes our favourite spots end up having to close their doors forever. Here's a list of seven restaurants we had to say bye-bye to in 2021 — they'll remain forever in our hearts though!

Restaurant Radis

Address: 361, rue Bernard O., Montreal, QC

This tasty Montreal vegan joint closed forever in August 2021. But luckily, if you never got the chance to try it, you'll be able to once again in 2022 as the restaurant plans on reopening next spring, but in Eastern Quebec rather than Montreal this time around.

Cuisine Caraibe Delite

Address: 1497, ave. Dollard, Lasalle, Quebec

This Caribbean restaurant in Lasalle took to Facebook in June 2021 to make people aware of its official closure. But, Cuisine Caraibe Delite reassured the public that its recipes and "signature jerk chicken dish" can still be found at Le Jardin du Cari on rue Saint-Laurent.


Address: 29, rue Beaubien E., Montreal, QC

In October, renowned Montreal chef and co-owner Martin Juneau shared the news on Instagram that Cul-Sec, a much-loved wine bar in the city, would be shutting down. Juneau described Cul-Sec as a "collateral victim of both a global pandemic and the local construction sites of the past few years."

Le Bremner

Address: 361, rue Saint-Paul E, Montreal, QC

Known as an Old Port staple, Le Bremner sadly closed permanently in 2021. Owner Chuck Hughes’ posted the news on their Instagram account in June, explaining the closure was a result of a conflict with the landlord and too many repairs needed.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Address: Casino de Montréal; 1, ave. du Casino, Montreal, QC

A press release from April 2021 announced the end of the Casino de Montréal's L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon (AJR) lifespan. "The exceptional circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding the time at which the Casino will reopen have informed this decision," it read.

Restaurant Manitoba

Address: 271, rue Saint-Zotique O, Montreal, QC

In October, Manitoba announced on its social networks that it's taking "a break, of indefinite duration, the time to rest and find a better way forward." Patiently awaiting its return!


Address: 115, rue Rachel E., Montreal, QC

One of Montreal's most beloved Portuguese restaurants, Romados, subtly announced its official closure in a Facebook comment in June.

Eater Montreal reported in October that the restaurant had reopened with new owners. However, a Facebook comment by the original Romados account calls any new "incarnation that is operating" a "total violation of what the original owners created."*

*This article has been updated.

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