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Canada's 4 Big Shipping Companies Are On A Holiday Hiring Spree & Jobs Pay Around $20/Hour

There are thousands of jobs available across the country, including LOTS in Quebec.

Canada's 4 Big Shipping Companies Are On A Holiday Hiring Spree & Jobs Pay Around $20/Hour

With less than a month to go until Christmas, Canada's big shipping companies are in the midst of processing millions of holiday packages — and they need help. This is good news if you want a job because they're on a seasonal hiring spree.

If you're looking for some decently-paying work in the Montreal area, now's the time to check out job openings at Purolator, FedEx, UPS and Canada Post.


This shipping company is expected to process 54 million packages during the holidays. It's a lot of boxes and heavy lifting, which has led Purolator to announce that it's hiring 2,400 new employees across Canada — including 500 in Quebec.

Purolator needs to hire couriers and sorters throughout the province and it could also use some people in its retail shipping centres, a spokesperson told MTL Blog.

The courier-sorter position pays $21.08/hour and the PM sorter gig pays $21.94/hour.

You can apply on the Purolator careers page.


FedEx is looking to hire 1,162 workers across the country — specifically, 72 people in Montreal and 222 throughout the province.

Some of the open roles include part-time delivery drivers ($18.90/hour) and warehouse workers ($17.30/hour). But if these open positions don't interest you, a quick visit to FedEx's careers page will give you more jobs to choose from.


UPS has tons of open positions in and around Montreal — 210 of which are in the company's Lachine, Blainville, and Brossard facilities. Some of the available jobs include delivery driver ($19-$35.89/hour), package handler (salary to be determined) and INTL export package handler (salary to be determined).

You can find more information on the UPS careers page.

Canada Post

Millions of people rely on Canada Post during the holidays to make sure their packages are delivered. Due to the extra workload piling up, you can be the hero that makes someone's Christmas. The Crown corporation is hiring around 4,200 seasonal employees — meaning there are several job opportunities up for grabs in Montreal and the province of Quebec.

Canada Post is looking to fill a lot of different types of positions, which you'll see if you go on its website. For example, if you have a driver's licence, you could be a Class 3 driver on-call, which would require you to load and unload trucks, as well as pick up and sort mail.

There are still 50 vacancies for letter carriers in Montreal, a gig that'll earn you $21.80/hour.

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