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Here's What Montreal Looks Like Right Now If You Won't Dare To Go Look Outside (PHOTOS)

Montreal was blessed with a majestic snowfall on Sunday night. But unfortunately, the Monday morning freezing rain washed away some of that beautiful white fluff.

Still, the city, besides its major traffic jams and a myriad of orange cones, can manage to look somewhat lovely no matter what the weather (yes, this is easily up for debate). In case you're too scared to look out your window right now, we figured we'd give you a glimpse of what the 514 looks like after a cocktail mix of different weather over the past 24 hours.

It's safe to say this weather isn't all bad. There's nothing quite like pretending you're a kid again and playing around in the snow.

It's important to keep looking at the bright side of things when winter rolls around. Like this Instagram user who pointed out that at least we don't have to deal with mosquitos during the cold season.

But then sometimes, you see pictures like this and contemplate hibernating until next April. Hope you have your shovel ready for the season.

And while you're getting your shovel out, don't forget to keep an umbrella handy too. The roads were looking rather wet and slippery Monday morning.

We should all really try to love snow as much as this guy does — oh, how much easier life would be.

This Instagram user managed to truly capture the essence of Montreal winter all in one photo.

Whether we like it or not, winter is here to stay for the next few months. Bundle up!

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