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Quebec Is Officially Getting A Curfew Again

And there will be fines for violating it. Happy New Year!

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Montreal's Famous Roller Coaster House Is For Sale & You Can Peek Inside (PHOTOS)

Others know it as the "molar house" — but whatever you call it, you'll want to see the 34-foot indoor pool.

Montreal is home to a number of weird, whacky and wonderful homes but the "roller coaster house" (known to others as the "molar house") is truly iconic. Since the property backs onto Rue Fleet, chances are high that you've driven past it and pointed it out, marvelling at its exterior design. But what does it look like on the inside?

If you've always wondered about the interior, you finally have an opportunity to peek inside. Located on Place Fallbrook in Hampstead, the roller coaster house is currently for sale. This means that — thanks to a real estate listing from Team Ann Malka — we are privy to the photos and features of the unique six-bedroom residence, which is going for an asking price of $4.95 million.

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Élisabeth Rioux Shared A Peek Of Her New Home In Quebec

She says she offered $200,000 over the asking price.

Quebec influencer and entrepreneur Élisabeth Rioux shared a peek of her family's new home in Quebec in a December 7 YouTube video.

For those who don't know, Rioux and her partner, Christo, have been searching for a house in Quebec after nixing — or at least postponing — plans to move full-time to Costa Rica.

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This $350K Mini-Chalet For Sale In Quebec Hides An Interior That Belongs In A Magazine

That clawfoot tub! 😍

You can probably picture a classic Quebec chalet — simple, rustic and charming in an "I built this with my bare hands" kind of way. But if you step inside, you may be surprised by a stunning interior, which is exactly the case with this four-season mini-chalet for sale near Quebec City at an asking price of $350,000.

If its rustic modern elegance doesn't win you over, those large windows looking out onto the surrounding landscape will.

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This Loft For Sale On Montreal's South Shore Looks Like A Warehouse But The Inside Is WOW

Is this really the same place? 🤯

Bookworms know not to judge a book by its cover. And as it turns out, the adage applies to real estate as well. Even though this loft for sale on the South Shore of Montreal looks like a warehouse from the outside, the inside looks remarkable once you walk through the door. It might even make you say, "WOW," the moment you begin to explore.

Located in Longueuil's LeMoyne neighbourhood, this property is 6,000 square feet and is going for about $2,325,000.

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This $1.25M Quebec Cottage For Sale Looks Straight Out Of A Christmas Movie (PHOTOS)

Not a bad place to be stuck during a snowstorm.

Any cheesy Christmas movie fan has felt the urge to move to a snowy remote village during the holidays at least once in their life. And this Quebec cottage for sale an hour and a half from Montreal feels like the perfect place to live a moment like this out.

Located in West Bolton in the Montérégie region, this rustic home will immerse the new owners in a fairytale setting worthy of a Sunday afternoon movie. The well-known realtor in this area, Elise Delorme, confirmed with MTL Blog that "the transaction is being finalized this week and that [they] have received several offers."

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Élisabeth Rioux Visited This $1.2M Home In Quebec & It's The Definition Of Dreamy (PHOTOS)

The backyard looks like a spa!

If you've been keeping up with the life of Quebec entrepreneur Élisabeth Rioux, you know her plans to live in Costa Rica permanently have changed. Rioux now plans to live six months in Quebec and the rest of the year in Central America.

The much-loved influencer has recently been looking at houses in the province, one of them which was listed at $1,199,000 and is located in Saint-Sauveur.

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