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Quebec Is Officially Getting A Curfew Again

And there will be fines for violating it. Happy New Year!

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SSENSE Is Still Hiring To Fill 2,000 Seasonal Warehouse Jobs & You Can Make Up To $21/Hour

You don't need warehouse experience.

The holidays can be a beautiful time but they can also be an expensive time. If you're looking for a job in Montreal, SSENSE is still hiring in order to fill 2,000 seasonal warehouse clerk roles for upcoming peak periods — and almost no experience is required.

"Since the beginning of this season, SSENSE has aimed to hire as many as 2,000 seasonal Warehouse Clerks and that hiring process remains in progress," SSENSE communications specialist Mikayla Di Grappa told MTL Blog on December 23.

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This Is How To Actually Achieve Those 2022 Goals, According To A Canadian Life Coach

"Get curious, take inventory, then see what changes you can commit to making."

Goals. Love them or loathe them, the truth is they're integral to growth and well-being. Whether yours are about professional development, personal achievement, financial freedom or anything else, your goals are a reflection of who you are and where you want to be.

Learning to live with the realities of a pandemic has meant that you've likely had a spare minute or two to reassess how and where you spend your time and energy.

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7 Paid Montreal Internships With The Government Of Quebec

Some students could earn over $25/hour.

If you're a Montreal student who's desperately looking for a job, you've probably taken a look at the local job market and in between the millions of restaurant jobs, found a bunch of not much.

Luckily for you, the Quebec government offers internships to students, a chance for them to develop skills and gain job experience in their fields.

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8 Reasons Why Working In A Call Centre Might Be More Interesting Than You Think

The best way to fulfill your ambitions.

If you have communication and customer service skills, and you're looking for a new and exciting job with great conditions, then you may want to check out the job postings at the National Bank.

One of Canada's top six banks (and the biggest in Quebec), National Bank is looking for people to help and support customers through its client contact centres. If you're an attentive listener, an expert problem solver, are bilingual and love learning new things, this could be the job for you.

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Unemployed Quebecers Can Get $475 A Week To Train In One Of 6 Key Job Sectors

Learn new skills AND get paid. 💸

If you're unemployed and looking for a new career path, you might want to consider training in one of six key fields that the Quebec government is encouraging people to pursue right now. Wondering what's in it for you? For starters, an extra $475 in your pocket each week — not to mention a potentially rewarding professional journey.

As part of Opération main-d'œuvre — the province's $3.9 billion investment plan to attract 170,000 workers in five years — the Government of Quebec announced that it will top-up employment assistance by $475 per week for folks that participate in full-time training or re-qualification in one of the targeted sectors.

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Quebec Has New Scholarships Ranging From $9K To $20K For Students In 6 Fields

The government really wants people to enter these programs.

As part of a recently announced economic investment package, the government has presented a new Quebec scholarship program that's certain to make you think about changing majors.

The goal of the scholarships is to help address the province's labour shortage by incentivizing people to enter certain fields.

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