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Quebec Is Officially Getting A Curfew Again

And there will be fines for violating it. Happy New Year!

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Hélène Boudreau Went On An Illegal Hike In Hawaii & Says She Might Get A Criminal Record

"I got lost in the woods for six hours [...] There is a wild boar with a baby that came to attack me and I risk a $1,000 fine and jail."

Iconic "UQAM girl," artist/art shop owner and OnlyFans content creator Hélène Boudreau is currently on a year-long trip around the world. Naturally, she's documenting the whole thing on Instagram — which, over the past few days, has meant posts about taking a forbidden hike in Hawaii, getting lost in the woods and facing a criminal record.

In a series of stories posted to Instagram on December 23 and December 24, Boudreau shared the details of her misadventure, which included a large fine, a run-in with a wild boar and possible jail time.

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A Post Asked About Montreal's 'Unwritten Rules' & The Answers Prove We're Lovable Weirdos

People who stand on the left side of the escalator. 🚩🚩🚩

Every city has its codes of behaviour, those norms and collective habits that give rhythm to the urban frenzy. Much of the delight of living in a city springs from those subtle moments of unspoken mutual understanding.

So what are the conventions that define life in Montreal? Local harpist Marie Hamilton, 29, took to Reddit to find out. Her post asking for a list of Montreal's "unwritten rules" has garnered hundreds of upvotes and comments.

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A Montreal Teacher Won A Major Prize For Empowering Girls To Break Down Barriers

No big deal, just a Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence.

If you're a teacher in Canada, getting a Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence is kind of like winning an Oscar or a Stanley Cup ring. And one Montreal educator just brought home the top prize for her work empowering young women.

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal teacher Erika Rath has received the Quebec Certificate of Excellence for 2021.

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A Viral Video On The Montreal Metro Shows Someone Collapse On A Train — But It Was A Stunt

The video shows people rushing to help.

A viral video shows someone collapsing on the Montreal metro after getting caught between closing train doors at Lionel-Groulx station. Metro passengers rush to the person's aid, eventually moving them to a seat as one person calls on someone to pull the train's emergency lever.

But the act was a stunt.

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MTL Blog's Interview With Balarama Holness: His Views On Language, Police, Bagels & More

Montreal's election days are November 6 and 7.

The race for Montreal mayor was shaping up to be an encore performance of the Plante-Coderre rivalry until Balarama Holness crashed the political stage.

With bold proposals and a promise to put "people before politics," the community organizer and former CFL star is looking to bring his Mouvement Montréal party into city hall.

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MTL Blog's Interview With Valérie Plante: In-Depth About The SPVM, Bikes, Regrets & More

Montreal's election days are November 6 and 7.

For the past four years, Valérie Plante and her Projet Montréal party have led Montreal through police scandals, extreme weather events and a pandemic.

Now, with a mayoral election underway, Plante is fighting to keep her job.

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