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Quebec Is Officially Getting A Curfew Again

And there will be fines for violating it. Happy New Year!

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This Middle Eastern Restaurant In Montreal Makes Shawarma Tacos The Size Of Your Head

The fusion dish of our dreams. 🌮

Fusion dishes have been taking over the foodie scene in Montreal lately and I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say we're here for it.

On this week's MTL Blog fusion discovery, we found the perfect blend of Middle Eastern and Mexican cuisine.

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I Froze My Butt Off At Montreal's New Hiverside Ice Bar But It Was Totally Worth It

FYI, wear long underwear.

As I set out on a chilly Thursday evening to Montreal's new Hiverside ice bar, my mind was filled with scenes from the James Bond movie Die Another Day. In this classic early aughts spy romp, our hero, Mr. Bond, is invited to the villain's ice palace (which is somehow also a diamond mine) and hijinks ensue. And though I lack the martini-fueled charm of Pierce Brosnan, I was about to feel like Bond himself at this quirky Montreal ice bar.

What the movie didn't show you was that under that tuxedo, James Bond was wearing several layers of thermal underwear. Me, on the other hand? One measly layer of pants. I was shaken. But despite my lack of longjohns, Hiverside definitely stirred me up.

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7 Montreal Restaurants That Sadly Closed Their Doors In 2021

Gone, but never forgotten. 💛 😢

The list of unique Montreal restaurants that exist is beyond extensive and we foodies are always out looking for a new spot to try. Sadly though, like everything in life, some good things must come to an end.

By that, I mean sometimes our favourite spots end up having to close their doors forever. Here's a list of seven restaurants we had to say bye-bye to in 2021 — they'll remain forever in our hearts though!

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Montreal Has A New Bar Made Of Actual Ice & Here's What It Looks Like (PHOTOS)

The giant inflatable igloo is now open for business, serving up cotton candy spritz cocktails and other seasonal drinks.

Tired of going to the same old bars in Montreal? Hiverside, which opened the doors of its giant inflatable igloo on December 10, offers a one-of-a-kind (and super Canadian) nightlife experience because it's crafted out of actual ice.

Between the glacial furniture, festive drinks and magical entranceway full of fairy lights, Hiverside — which you may know as Riverside St-Henri when it's not frozen over — has transformed into a true winter wonderland.

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Montreal's New Boozy Brunch Spot Has Cognac-Caviar Hollandaise & Gold-Dusted Frittatas

Grab your fanciest friend for brunch with a side of pizzazz.

Let's be honest: brunch is the best meal and no one does it quite like Montreal. The proof is in the pudding — or, rather, the pancakes — at 212, Old Montreal's swanky new restaurant and supper club, which just started serving Sunday brunch.

With a brunch menu as luscious and decadent as its dinner menu, 212's Sunday offerings give the classics a little extra flair. For instance, the eggs benedict — made with spinach, ricotta and prosciutto — is topped with a cognac and caviar hollandaise. The golden frittata has Emmental cheese, smoked mozzarella, aged cheddar, leeks, mushrooms black truffles, and actual gold powder.

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Tell Us Why You’re Getting Takeout & We’ll Tell You Which Montreal Restaurant To Order From

From potlucks to brunch in bed — just get it delivered.

Whether it's celebrating over dinner or indulging in desserts, the holiday season's special moments usually centre around a good meal.

With festivities lining up quickly, ordering takeout from Montreal's many top-notch restaurants can help alleviate some of the event-planning stress.

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