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A Massive Sledding & Tubing Park Near Montreal With 80 m Drops Just Reopened For Winter

The 'Vortex360' and 'Tornado' sleds even spin as they bring you downhill.

A Massive Sledding & Tubing Park Near Montreal With 80 m Drops Just Reopened For Winter

Cold weather and COVID-19 can't take away all of our fun. Despite the provincial government announcing a slew of new health measures, outdoor activities remain open for business, which means you can still glide your way across this massive sledding and tubing park located about an hour outside Montreal.

Glissades des Pays d'en Haut — which offers 61 trails, 15,000 lifts per hour, five types of sleds, 13 sliding zones, four difficulty levels and 80 metres of vertical drop — is the perfect place to embrace the winter spirit. As a bonus, it's open seven days a week and lights up after dark.

A Massive Sledding & Tubing Park Near Montreal With 80 m Drops Just Reopened For Winter Glissades des Pays d'en Haut

'"The artificial snowmaking that started at the beginning of November, as well as our enormous snow production capacity, allowed us to take advantage of all of Mother Nature's cold spells, in order to offer our clientele an incomparable site at the beginning of this sliding season!" the Domaine des Pays d'en Haut team said in a statement.

Glissades des Pays d'en Haut's five different sled options are: bobsleighs, vortex360s, rafts, tornados, and regular snow tubes.

The snow tubes are likely the most familiar-looking and are designed for all levels while the tornados, which fit two to eight people, and vortex360s, which fit two to six people, are for expert-level sliders, spinning themselves as they descend.

Rafts can fit the most people — up to 12 — and are intermediate level while bobsleighs, also intermediate, look comparable to what you might see in the Olympics... but you won't go quite as fast.

If you plan to go to the park, you should dress warmly and bring your vaccine passport. Helmets and goggles are available to rent but, due to COVID-19 measures, you can only access the chalet to warm up and use the restrooms.

You can buy your ticket online in advance. A daily ticket for an adult starts at $26 for two hours of regular tubing.

Les Glissades des pays d'en haut

Price: Daily tickets for adults start at $26 for two hours of regular tubing

When: Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Address: 440, ch. Avila, Piedmont, QC

Why You Need To Go: Have fun and embrace the winter spirit!


In Quebec, a vaccine passport is required to access many businesses and activities deemed non-essential, including restaurants and bars.

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No Pants Metro Ride


January 8, 2017, at 2:30


Begins at Mount-Royal metro.

Well, guys, it's finally here. No, I'm not talking about winter; and I'm not talking about 2017. I'm talking about Montreal's No Pants Metro Ride.

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The No Pants Subway Ride is an annual event taking place across the globe in the wintertime. This year, the official date is January 8, 2017.

It started in New York City, way back in 2002 (15 years ago!), by Improv Everywhere, a New York-based group dedicated to causing scenes (according to their website).

At this point, it's spread pretty much everywhere, including Italy, Sweden, Los Angeles, Chicago, and, yup, Montreal.

The reason for the No Pants Subway Ride?

Absolutely nothing. Just because. Being fun just for the sake of being fun. There's nothing political or charitable about it, according to the Facebook event page.

Montreal's version of the event will go down on January 8 at 2:30 PM.

It'll begin at Mont-Royal metro. The route hasn't been announced just yet, but it'll be posted before the event so you can join in pretty much whenever.

The only rules? Don't block the passageways in metro stations, do be respectful, and of course... come without pants.

Sounds like the most fun you can have in public with no pants? Then check out the Facebook event right here.

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