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Montreal Driving Tickets You Can Get This Winter & How Much They'll Cost You

Between winter snowsuits, increased Hydro bills and likely ordering takeout more often, winter in Quebec can get rather expensive. And if you add Montreal driving tickets you could possibly get this winter into that mix, your paycheque is bound to disappear in no time.

So, here's a list of things to make sure you don't forget to do this winter before hitting the snowy roads — 'cause they could cost you more than just a dime or two.

First things first: Get your winter tires on!

Fine: $200-300 plus fees

Warning: If you get caught driving without your winter tires on after December 1 in Quebec, you could get a fine that'll take a few bills out of your pocket.

Remove the snow and ice from your car

Fine: $60 plus fees

Warning: You're likely to get pulled over and fined if you're seen "driving a vehicle covered with snow, ice or any other material that may become loose and could present a danger to other road users."

Keep your distance

Fine: $100 plus fees

Warning: Driving behind another car "at a reckless and unreasonable distance" could get you a ticket.

Clean your headlights, taillights and reflectors

Fine: $60 plus fees

Warning: Try to remember to take an extra minute to clear off the headlights, taillights and reflectors on your car before you hit the road.

Signal your next move

Fine: $100

Warning: You could get quite the fine for failing to signal your intention to turn or change lanes to other drivers.

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