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Quebec Has New Scholarships Ranging From $9K To $20K For Students In 6 Fields

The government really wants people to enter these programs.

Quebec Announced New Scholarships Ranging From $9,000 To $20,000 For Students In 6 Fields

As part of a recently announced economic investment package, the government has presented a new Quebec scholarship program that's certain to make you think about changing majors.

The goal of the scholarships is to help address the province's labour shortage by incentivizing people to enter certain fields.

The government has identified six in-demand sectors. These are health and social services, education, early childhood education and care, engineering, information technology and construction.

The scholarships will only be available to students enrolled full-time in programs in these targeted areas of study. Qualifying students will get the money "after each successful full-time session," the Ministry of Finance says.

As a result of the $1.7 billion investment, "students will be able to obtain up to $9,000 at the college level, $15,000 at the university level for a three-year program and $20,000 for a four-year program, after completing their training."

"The Quebec economy is currently experiencing an exceptional recovery thanks to the mobilization of Quebecers and a successful vaccination campaign," Quebec Minister of Finance Eric Girard said in a statement.

"The significant improvement in public finances allows us to help Quebecers cope with the cost of living and to act to accelerate economic growth by addressing labour shortages and stimulating business productivity."

The provincial government has made efforts to persuade Quebecers to choose one of these in-demand sectors as a career. In May 2021, for instance, the government announced a massive investment in an IT training program that will pay participants $650 per week.

On December 6, the government added a slew of new internships and student employment opportunities, with many of them related to the targeted sectors.

In addition to the scholarships, Girard announced a new benefit to help low and middle-income Quebecers with an increasing cost of living.

The benefit will give $275 to people living alone and $400 to couples who qualify for the Quebec solidarity tax credit.

The benefit is part of a larger investment package that also includes a $215-million increase in the refundable tax credit for child care expenses, $1.2-billion for creating 37,000 new subsidized child care spaces and an $800-million plan for reducing the province's waitlist of surgeries.

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