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Quebec's Forecast Shows A Nasty-Sounding Winter Storm On The Way

Attachez bien vos tuques. Literally. Environment Canada's Quebec forecast shows a winter storm heading our way. And it might not always be pretty.

The federal weather agency says it's tracking a system moving up from Colorado that'll reach the western part of the province on Sunday and the east on Monday. It could bring with it snow, rain and freezing rain, as well as strong wind and blowing snow, according to Environment Canada.

The agency says it's still unsure about the system's exact path, however, and the forecast could change. Right now, almost all of southern Quebec is under a special weather statement.

The Weather Network, for its part, forecasts rain for Montreal on Monday and partially sunny skies on Sunday and Tuesday. Quebec City is in for what looks like a mix of snow and rain on Monday, according to the site.

More generally, The Weather Network predicts a stormy yet mild winter for Quebec.

A seasonal forecast released November 29 calls for relatively normal December weather followed by periods bringing a "messy mix of snow, ice, and rain" and, as a result of warmer temperatures, "a prolonged thaw across southern areas, including Montreal and Gatineau" — which should be fun...

Though even The Weather Network cautions this grim meteorological future isn't inevitable. It's expecting what it characterizes as a battle between arctic cold and warmer southern air playing out over central and eastern Canada in the coming months.

How this struggle unfolds "will likely be the key to how the winter is remembered," the site says.

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